Is the maintenance manager’s position going away?

Telematics, also referred to as automotive telematics, is making greater and greater inroads into the fleet industry. Basically, telematics is the marriage of computers, networks and telecommunications systems to provide real-time information on a vehicle...

Basically, cloud computing platforms can navigate a broad network of systems and data resources to retrieve relevant information using context-based intelligent search functions. The intelligence and the systems resources migrate to the “cloud” so applications like Decisiv’s do not require users to install hardware or software to use the platform.

Additionally, with cloud computing platforms the services and the intelligence travel with the asset and can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime using any device that connects to the cloud - laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

In non-techspeak, the Decisiv cloud computing platform, customized to the unique requirements of the users, combines immediate access to more complete service information with streamlined communication and regular sharing of information and status alerts and notifications, explained Hyatt. Fleets, service locations, mobile service, OEM call centers, district and regional sales, service and parts personnel can all access and respond to the same information about a service event at the same time.

All of the conversation is captured in a threaded, date/time stamped attachment.

The capability can also include warranty administrators, parts suppliers and a wide range of third-party vendors.

Job Transformation

As vehicle service management technology evolves, it will continue to improve access to crucial service and repair data and offer additional pro-active versus re-active solutions for more timely repairs and faster vehicle turnaround. This, in turn, will keep on transforming how service management is handled.

While it is unlikely the maintenance manager will become obsolete, the duties and responsibilities of the position will certainly keep changing as well.

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