Technician productivity

How on earth do you really measure your technicians’ productivity? After all, there is much more to their jobs than PM and repair work. If you could be a fly on the wall and watch what they are doing from clock-in to clock-out, and observe why they...

So, setting loose the shop manager would have an effect. But beyond that, there is a natural level of productivity of a shop that is regulated by the business system and management decisions.

Productivity can be impacted by many things. A few include:

  • Location, configuration and integrity of the stock/parts room.
  • Physical layout of the shop.
  • Lighting.
  • Condition, quality and age of the machines bought.
  • Quality of the machine operators and drivers.
  • Whether management spent money to have adequate tools and equipment.
  • Efficiency of the job handout process.
  • The speed of the computer network (if the technicians enter their own work orders).

The Work Sampling System first and foremost tells you where you are today on the technician productivity issue. Low productivity levels are generally the result of management decisions and systems – usually 85 percent of the barriers to productive work.

If you decide to look deeper into the data, Work Sampling tells you where your problems are and where excessive time is being spent.

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