Internal Tire Compounds

Over the past several years, a range of products have been introduced into the marketplace designed to be used inside truck tires for a variety of purposes. These include sealants to prevent losing air pressure; internal balancing materials - such as...

The creation of new tire designs, improvements in compounds, advanced manufacturing processes and computer aided analysis, will lead to the production of even more fuel efficient low rolling resistance tires, he concludes. “Through these new technologies, tire manufacturers will continually improve product performance to meet fleets’ fuel savings requirements in order to operate more efficiently, environmentally friendly and economically.” 


Continental Tire the Americas has just introduced a new bead technology for waste haul tires and other severe service applications with heavy front axle loads.

Roger Stansbie, Continental’s director of radial truck tire engineering, says the new I-Stable bead features an 18 percent increase in chafer cord density; an increase in the amount of tear-resistant wrap at the chafer and ply edges of the steel cord; an optimized chafer angle for improved stiffness across the body ply of the tire; and an extruded sidewall, turn-up cover and rim strip.

“The new bead design results in greater stability, extended tire life and, most importantly for this segment, greater potential for retreading,” he says.

Tires in this segment, especially those for waste haulers, may only have an original lifetime of a few months because of frequent curbing, cuts, chips and other damage, says Stansbie. The new I-Stable “bead not only supports heavy loads, but can help protect the sidewall so that the tire has the potential for multiple retreads - resulting in cost efficiency.”

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