Shop Safety Awareness

There are many potential hazards within a maintenance operation that can cause injury, and there are real, and costly, consequences for working unsafely. A safe work environment is a combination of both the work area and the workers themselves. Here...

When the District began ordering buses with roof-mounted air conditioning systems, technicians sometimes had to work on the top of these buses. It was determined some type of fall protection system should be installed at the shop to provide technicians with a real sense of safety, allowing them to better focus on carrying out repairs and maintenance.

Not satisfied with available fall protection systems, because they were too restrictive, District maintenance and equipment officials built its own. This was fabricated using I-beam material and a roller trolley and safety harnesses. The system was installed to the existing framework of the building.  

Once in place, the officials brought in a rigging professional to train all the bus shop technicians on how to correctly use the custom-designed fall protection system.

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