Hybrids: What's the difference in repairs?

It seems like everyone’s talking hybrids these days, but they’ve already been around for over ten years. With all the focus on reducing greenhouse gases and gasoline prices creeping upwards once again, hybrids seem to be the right “powertrain...

A. To some extent, hybrid service is going to be a bit like the chicken and the egg metaphor. If you don’t actively seek motorists with hybrid cars, then it might not appear as though there’s ample reason to make the investment. No matter how you go about making that rationale, just remember that there are a lot of other service opportunities on hybrid vehicles that have nothing to do with the high-tech hybrid drive system. For instance, some hybrids still require periodic valve adjustments on their ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) part of the drive system, and there are still normal wear-and-tear items like brakes and tires.

There’s little doubt that hybrid technology will continue to complement vehicle platforms, just the same as other technologies have in the past. By staying both informed and aware, you’ll be in the driver’s seat to make the right choices for you and your shop—and PTEN will be there to help guide you on your way.

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