Solder-It Turbo Therm Butane Heat Gun

Solder-it’s cordless Turbo Therm butane-powered heat gun, No. HG-300, has a temperature range from 400 degrees F to 800 degrees F. Runs on four alkaline or rechargeable NiCad batteries.

  • Heat reflector tip attachment included.
  • Butane fill lasts one hour in mid-temperature setting.
  • Diode indicates blower motor operation, low battery and cool down modes.

Features and benefits

According to the company, the Turbo Therm butane heat gun is the first mid- to heavy-duty butane heat gun with a built-in battery powered blower motor, and offers total portability. The tool can perform a multitude of tasks from heat-shrink tubing to scraping of paint, and more.

The tool has a built-in diode showing operation, cool down and low battery modes.


Product is manufactured in Taiwan. The tool is made of a blow-molded, heavy-duty plastic, and has has a temperature range of 400 degrees F to 800 degrees F. Butane fill lasts for one hour in mid-temperature setting. This heat gun will operate on a charge of butane with four (4) AA batteries, and includes a heat reflector attachment.

Suggested retail price $120

For more information

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