Driving Sales: Tool Storage

What do you like about your current tool storage?

“Roller bearing drawer slides, locking drawer pulls, the warranty, and durability.”

“Roller drawers. Mine's … got a feature where the drawers actually lock. You have to slide your fingers underneath the drawer to unlock the drawer to open it. That's nice. It keeps the drawers closed so you don't … turn around and walk into them.”

“Security … When you lock it you know that it's going to be locked.”


Thinking of making a tool purchase soon? 

“I’ll probably buy a roll-around cart for diagnostic tools. I think I want to put all that stuff in one cart. Where you need it to be, instead of "this (tool) here, that one's there."

“I sure hope not, I am running out of space to put another box! My current set up is 14” long. Well maybe a new cart. If I do go for a new cart I will be looking at durability, customization, price, warranty.”