In Focus: UView UV Phazer NEO Leak Detection Lamp

The UView UV Phazer NEO Leak Detection Lamp, No. 413025, pinpoints UV dyes that are mixed with automotive fluids in A/C systems, transmissions, engines and hydraulic systems. Technicians use the included UV-enhancing glasses to detect the source of the dye, in order to trace and repair the source of a leak. This lamp features a compact design, adjustable focus and durable aluminum construction. Includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


UV leak detection systems have been out for a long time. But the problem is weak light that does not fluoresce the dye as brightly as the dye is capable of. In addition, lights are often large and do not squeeze into engine bays easily. This high output light is very powerful and is smaller than most other leak detection lights. 

Ultimately, it means the technician will not only locate hard-to-find leaks, but find them faster. This allows the repair procedure to take less time, with less labor costs to the shop.


The UV Phazer NEO Leak Detection Lamp is made in Canada. The body is made from aluminum for durability. A 1x to 2000x zoom allows the user to determine the light intensity. The light output is in the 400nm range, compared to other leak detection lights in the 450nm range.

Selling Points

  • Compact design.
  • Adjustable focus.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • High Output UV LED.
  • Durable aluminum construction.
  • Optimized UV wavelength fluoresces dyes brighter than blue LED lights.
  • Includes UV-enhancing glasses.

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