Big-Time Boxes: John Schaeffer

John Schaeffer is the owner of Schaeffer Automotive Inc. outside of Portland, Ore. In business for 20 years, John says they work on anything that comes in the door. “If I specialized in one kind of car, I would be able to get away with about half of this,” indicating his rather substantial collection of tools; “at dealerships now, guys are basically (using) a cart.”

John said he’s been buying tools for 30 years. He likes to keep things organized by storing them in their original blow-molded plastic case, but this tends to take up a lot of room. About three years ago John decided it was time to move out of his existing top-and-bottom box (with side lockers) and into something with more space.

His Cornwell distributor, Joe Gruba, was happy to oblige with a Cornwell CTB103, a 103” toolbox with a side locker, a tall side cabinet and a canopy with lights and a power strip. Fully assembled, this storage system measures 143". But even with all that space, John says he could use a little more for diagnostic equipment.

“Diagnostic stuff is probably the hardest to keep up with these days," he said.

That’s why John has become so skilled at organization, and why his “103” always looks so neat and tidy.