Tool Review: Redline Detection's SmartFit Universal Radiator Adaptor

Redline Detection's SmartFit Universal Radiator Adaptor fits every vehicle, eliminating the need for multiple adaptors. The SmartFit elastomeric adaptors are engineered with varying durometer ratings, for versatility and performance. Two models:

  • No. 95-0700 includes all adaptors plus pressure pump.
  • No. 95-0750 contains all adaptors and works with your existing press

The Review

Chuck Benhart, co-owner of Auto Tech & Body in Roselle, Ill. reviewed the Redline Detection SmartFit universal radiator adaptor at his shop.

Chuck explained he’s already used the adaptor quite a few times. He had previously used a kit he bought years ago, but the other kit’s adaptors didn’t fit on all the cars he worked on.

He was pleased with the Redline Universal Radiator Adaptor. “This one (kit) replaces all of that,” said Chuck. “It does work very well."

Chuck was able to use the adaptor on a variety of vehicles.

“I haven't found a car it hasn't fit yet. And I work on all brands, including the body shop which takes alot of hits that we have to pressure test for leaks.“

Chuck found the tool very easy to understand, and said he didn’t even need to use the manual.

Besides working on a variety of vehicles and having easy instructions to follow, Chuck said the tool saves time as a one-size-fits-all adaptor.

“It doesn't take a lot to look up a particular product because it's so universal,” he said. “(With) the size of the hole, you don’t have to go to the box and search through a bunch of different adaptors to see if they fit.”

When asked if there were any suggested improvements, Chuck could think of only one.

“I see nothing that I would improve. Other than, ’Why didn't I get this thing 10 years ago?’ ”