Tool Review: IPA's Pulsar with Electronic Fuse Saver, No. 9000

The Pulsar with electronic fuse saver, from Innovative Products of America, finds short circuits, open circuits, faulty electrical equipment and parasitic draw. It allows for safe bench testing, reading amperage and aftermarket equipment setup. Plug the Pulsar into a fuse box, dial in the desired fuse limit and the Pulsar’s internal computer safely monitors the circuit while displaying amperage. If a short is present, the Pulsar automatically pulses power while protecting the circuit. Pulsar is an automatic circuit breaker, adjustable fuse, voltage probe, fuse saver and amp reader in one. Range is 100 mA – 50 amps.

The Review

Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. in Huntingburg, Ind. Tested the IPA Pulsar with Electronic Fuse Saver Master Kit.

Before using the Pulsar kit, Fort became familiar with the tool by reading through the manual.

“Spending just a small amount of time learning the different functions and features, will pay you back with efficiency and safety.”

Once familiar with the tool, Fort really liked the diverse uses of the kit.

“Having a voltmeter, amp meter, and virtually 49 different circuit breakers (user selectable) in one tool is amazingly handy,” said Fort. “Having the ability to choose either the automatic, pulsing power when overload detected or manual control is nice.”

He also found specific uses where the Pulsar came in handy.

“The ‘Peak’ amp function is real handy when looking for that intermittent problem. Having a built-in, adjustable, circuit breaker trip time delay makes working with component start-up amp surge much easier.”

Fort suggested some minor improvements: volume of the indicators and the main wire lead.

“I don’t think the speaker/ beeper volume is loud enough, nor is it adjustable,” said Fort. “There are more than a few of us out here in the field with less than perfect hearing.”

He thought the main lead wire may have been a bit too stiff compared to the test and ground leads; but still useable.

Fort liked the compatibility of the Pulsar with Electronic Fuse Saver, with other IPA products.

“If you have any of the other Fuse Saver tools or leads, like I do, you should be able to use them with the leads in the Pulsar w/EFS Master Kit and vice-versa.”

The IPA Pulsar with Electronic Fuse Saver has been on Fort’s purchasing list for awhile.

“Since I already had several meters, circuit breakers, inductive amp meters and adapters it hadn’t made it to the top just yet,” explained Fort. “Having used it now I can honestly recommend if you are like me, and do a fair amount of electrical diagnostic work, you may want to reconsider its place on your list. It is worth bumping up a few notches or more.”