Fuel Economy

L.A. Perks Petroleum Specialists of Nevada specializes in petroleum systems, construction and fuel services. Established in 1974, the company, which also does commercial and residential work, has a service area that covers the entire Western states...

The GDiesel fueling infrastructure is being expanded as ARC ups its production capabilities, says Gunnerman. Should GDiesel not be available, regular diesel fuel can be used because it is compatible with traditional fuel products.

 “One of the attractive features about GDiesel,” Perks adds, is that vehicles can run on pure GDiesel, No. 2 diesel or a blend of the two. So when you are traveling out of the area, there are no worries when it comes to finding fuel.”

By switching to GDiesel for its vehicles, L.A. Perks Petroleum Specialists didn’t have to invest in new vehicles or component and systems add-ons to gain fuel efficiency and emissions reduction benefits. No extra vehicle maintenance or servicing is needed, and there are no additional training requirements or duties for its drivers.

“Companywide, everyone is happy with the performance of GDiesel,” says Perks. “There have been noticeable mileage improvements and power increases. Once someone tries this product it will be hard for them to return to regular diesel.”

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