Time for some 'in with the new'

Professional Distributor has always sought to help you with your business; our priorities have centered on what to stock and how to sell. Staring in this issue, we’ll be adding more information about products for your business in the “For your truck” section. Also this issue is an exclusive feature with buying tips on your next truck, whether your in the market now or will be in the next year or so.

The “For your truck” section (p. 24-25) will concentrate on product releases and reviews that you can use, covering the gamut of items you use every day on the truck, from tires and lubricants to smart phones, computers and printers. And anything in between. And if there are any product categories or reviews you’d like to see in this section, please email me at editor@pten.com.

Also this issue is the feature on buying your next truck (p. 20-21). We talked to distributors and manufacturers to find out what items you need to consider with your next truck purchase. From truck type and layout, to financing and gas vs. diesel, there should be plenty of information for you to consider.

We also say goodbye to Sales & Marketing 101 this issue, as we have columnist Phil Sasso converting his space to a Sales Q&A section. Starting in the first issue of 2011, he will be taking questions from you, the reader, and seeking advice from manufacturers, outside experts and others. For more information on running effective contests, tracking skips, closing equipment sales and more, Phil will take your questions and find the answers. Send those questions to me as well at editor@pten.com.