In Focus: LOADpro Dynamic Test Leads

LOADpro Dynamic Test Leads, No. 180, from Electronic Specialties Inc., allow you to instantly load the circuit to see if current can flow. This is the only OEM-approved tool that can locate corrosion in wiring with a digital voltmeter. By loading the circuit, LOADpro makes a voltage drop test “on the fly.” Just press the switch; the test results cannot lie. 

This simple test finds problems in corroded wires/connections and shorts to ground. Using LOADpro with your multimeter, and following our test method, will find wiring faults quicker and will save time and effort.

LOADpro Test Leads feature SteadyPin Probe Tips. Instead of a pointed probe, SteadyPin tips have a small recess at the tip that allows the probe to sit firmly on a male ECM or connector pin. Traditional pointed probes fail to give an effective connection and creates difficulties in completing manufacturer-specific voltmeter tests.

We recommend your customer replace their existing test leads with LOADpro leads and leave them in place. Our test procedure is posted on YouTube for everyone’s full access.


Electronic Specialties has been building test equipment for over 40 years. This tool makes finding wiring problems much easier. In just a couple minutes, you know whether the wiring is good or not.


LOADpro applies approximately 0.5 amps load to a 12V circuit. LOADpro leads can be used on circuits up to 28.5V.

    Selling  points

      • LOADpro Dynamic Test Leads save valuable diagnostic time.
      • Reliable diagnostic process; test procedure is posted on YouTube.
      • Health of wiring and connections are verified very quickly.
      • No more chasing problems.
      • One-year warranty.

      Suggested retail price

      • $72.95 
      • Available January, 2011.

      For more information

      Steve White
      President, Electronic Specialties