In Focus: Lisle Swivel Gripper 'No Slip' Filter Wrenches

Lisle Corp.’s Swivel Gripper "No Slip" Filter Wrenches feature tough, stainless steel bands with permanently bonded textured coating for no-slip gripping power. Swivel handle (more than 180 degrees) makes it easy to turn in tight spots. A tension adjusting nut allows swivel pressure to be regulated. Specially designed tab keeps grip from sliding off the handle.

  • No. 57010: Import, 2.375” to 2.625” range.
  • No. 57020: Small, 2.875” to 3.25” range.
  • No. 57030: Standard, 3.5” to 3.875” range.
  • No. 57040: Large, 4.125” to 4.5” range.


The idea was prompted by one of our customers. He suggested we add some material to the inside of the filter wrench band. We experimented with several different materials and found this solution to be the most durable. Since this method actually “welds” the material onto the band it makes an incredibly durable band.


This is our standard Swivel Gripper Oil Filter Wrench series with some improvements. The grip has been changed to a dual-durometer style grip for durability and enhanced tackiness. The top rivet has been replaced with an adjustment bolt and nut so that the swivel action can be adjusted. Most importantly, we used a proprietary process to modify the stainless steel band by adding a permanently bonded texture that greatly increases the gripping ability of the filter wrench.

Selling points

  • Made in Clarinda, Iowa.
  • Durable filter wrench that will grip in even the toughest situations.
  • Adjustment bolt and nut cures floppy filter wrench issues of the past.
  • Upgraded grip is tackier and formed to work better.

Suggested retail price

  • $14.95 - $15.95.

For more information

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Lisle Corp.
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