Big-Time Boxes: Jesse Coughlin


Jesse Coughlin

American Tire Service & Sales

Springfield, Mass.


Jesse Coughlin has been a tech for a decade, including the past three years on the team at American Tire Service & Sales in Springfield, Mass. America Tire does in-shop and on-the-road tire service, including heavy duty as well as passenger car repairs.

Jesse bought his current black-and-gold Matco setup about four years ago from distributor Doug Broom. It started out as the box bottom and top chest; he added the top locker and side locker storage options later.

Jesse's favorite thing about his box is the uniqueness of the color scheme.

"My tool distributor had never sold that color box, so I ordered this one in black and gold," he said. "We chose to try it, to see how it looks." And now it's the stand-out feature for Jesse.