Tool Review: Magrail TL from VIM Tools

Editor's note: The incorrect image and product text ran with Lou Fort's review of Durston's Magrail TL in the October 2010 issue of PTEN; the correct images and product text are included here, along with Fort's original review. PTEN regrets the error.

The MAGRAIL TL, from Durston/VIM Tools, has moveable round pegs that can be tightened anywhere along the magnetic base. A powerful magnetic force holds the socket in place, and the rail tight to the toolbox sides, lids and drawers (even through most drawer liners). The socket pegs are available in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" sizes. The "Tilt and Lift" TL offers the easiest way to remove the sockets:tilt them to one side and lift.

  • MR8B14A: 8", 14 1/4" studs.
  • MR8B10B: 8", 10 3/8" studs.
  • MR8B8C: 8", 8 1/2" studs.
  • MR12B20A: 12", 20 1/4" studs.
  • MR12B15B: 12", 15 3/8" studs.
  • MR12B12C: 12", 12 1/2" studs.
  • MR16B25A: 16", 25 1/4" studs.
  • MR16B20B: 16", 20 3/8" studs.
  • MR16B16C: 16", 16 1/2" studs.


The review

Lou Fort, lead tech at K.A.R.S. in Huntingburg, Ind., and a 26-year ASE-certified Master Tech w/ L1, liked the low profile and innovativeness of the Magrail organizers.

"They are more than just a simple, easy to set up and use socket rail. You can use them to hold wrenches, pliers, screw drivers, pretty much most anything you can think of, in place," Lou said.

"The actual socket holder/alignment peg is quite innovative. It is a simple little T-shaped peg that you twist to lock in place. One of the biggest drawbacks for socket rails can be getting the socket off when your hands are wet and dirty," Lou said. "With Magrail, just tip the socket to the side and lift.

"The design also makes it easy to arrange a rail with different drive sockets on one rail, or set up the spacing needed when used to hold wrenches," Lou said. "I like Magrail's versatility, the fact that it can be used as more than just a socket rail. Organization is easier with the multiple uses and set ups."