In Focus: Genius Tools' Master Tool Set

The Genius Tools Master Tool Set, No. MS-926TS, is a 926-piece 1/4"-, 3/8"- and 1/2"-drive metric and SAE complete master tool set. It comes with almost every hand tool that a technician needs. The tools are contained in blow-molded plastic trays sized to the company's 39" tool cart and top chest. Genius Tools customers said money was tight and newly graduated tech students were finding it harder to afford professional-grade tools. Genius Tools created this line of affordable master sets to save space, provide all of a technician’s hand tool needs and be competitively priced. 


Genius Tools are manufactured in Taiwan from chrome-vanadium or chrome-moly steel; toolboxes are made from cold-reduced carbon-steel sheet that is approximately 11 gauge. The boxes are powdercoated to be scratch- and rust-resistant.

Selling points

  • Ideal for the newly graduated tech, the experienced tech who needs a second set or wants to replace a mixed box.
  • This master set has been popular with Genius Tools-sponsored race teams as it meets all of their trackside needs on race day.
  • The compact trays allow the tech to save room and avoid upgrading to a larger toolbox.

Suggested retail price

 $3727.28 (includes toolboxes).

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