Big-time Boxes: Joshua "Champ" Champion


Joshua "Champ" Champion
Greg Clark Automotive
Phoenix, Ariz.


Joshua "Champ" Champion is the General Manager of three shops in Phoenix: Greg Clark Automotive, Clark's Family Towing and Unleashed UTV.

"I started here as a grunt and worked up to GM of all three businesses," Champ said. He has all his ASE certifications, including diesel, and achieved Master L1 status at 18 years old. 

"If it's got a motor on it, I work on it," Champ said. "I love everything I do. Even as GM, I'm in the shop every day working on cars. What I love the most is diagnostics. The problem-solving aspects."

For his current mostly Matco setup, it started as just the bottom 15 years ago. In replacing his smaller Blue-Point toolbox, Champ decided, "If I'm going to buy a box, I should make it my last one.

"As I grew as a better technician, the box grew with me."

He custom-ordered the bottom to get the exact drawer setup he wanted, added the top five years later, then the right-side cabinet and next a special-order left-side cabinet so the door opened opposite of the right-side locker.

"Then I ran out of room again, so I bought a two-bay roll around," Champ said. (It may say Snap-on, but don't believe it. Champ bought the Craftsman tool cart, but then stripped the badge and added the Kenosha, Wis., company's label.)

"I think I'm the epitome of PTEN magazine. Over 15 years, I've acquired knowledge and $140,000 in tools and an $18,000 toolbox."