In Focus: Blair Equipment's Tornado II Portable Paint Shaker

Blair Equipment's Tornado II Portable Paint Shaker, No. 51000, mixes paint utilizing three axis of motion: orbital, side-to-side, and up/down. This multi-motion blending completely mixes all types of paints from primers to metallics. The shaker spins an eccentric weight rather than using crankshafts, belts or pulleys which can wear and break. The lightweight portable design allows it to be used on a workbench or the floor. The shaker was developed to save the painter time and help provide a higher quality paint job.


  • Made in Swartz Creek, Mich.
  • 120V AC.
  • 11-1/2" x 26" x 15-3/8".
  • 24 lbs.

Selling points

  • Portable, no need to bolt down.
  • Lightweight.
  • Mixes gallons, quarts, pints and aerosols.
  • One-year warranty.

Suggested retail price


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