Tool review: Lisle Swivel Gripper No Slip Filter Wrenches

Lisle Corp.’s Swivel Gripper – No Slip Filter Wrenches feature tough, stainless steel bands with permanently bonded textured coating for no-slip gripping power. Swivel handle (more than 180 degrees) makes it easy to turn in tight spots. A tension adjusting nut allows swivel pressure to be regulated. Specially designed tab keeps grip from sliding off the handle.

  • No. 57010: Import, 2.375” to 2.625” range for small oil and fuel filters. Special narrow ½” band fits in tight spots.
  • No. 57020: Small, 2.875” to 3.25” range fits a common smaller filter size on many domestic and foreign vehicles.
  • No. 57030: Standard, 3.5” to 3.875” range fits most popular 3.625” standard filters.
  • No. 57040: Large, 4.125” to 4.5” range fits most tractors and other farm implements.

The review

Jim Gesell, owner of Gesell’s Automotive in Oconomowoc, Wis., used the Swivel Gripper – No Slip Filter Wrenches and was impressed with the innovations. 

The hand cushion is great, especially for us old guys,” Jim said of the ergonomic soft-grip handle. “That’s a great handle … it’s really nice when you start pulling on it when you tighten it down on a filter and you start yanking. It feels nice in your hand.”

He said the welded ribs/texture inside the wrenches was a great innovation to keep the wrench from slipping off a typically grimy, oily surface. “The ribs really hold the filter, because sometimes you can grab onto the filter and the wrench will just slide around,” he said.

“When you go to get the filter off, there’s not a whole lot of travel before it tightens around the filter,” he said. The thin band helps the wrench get into tight spots, he added.