In Focus: SP Tools' VW/Audi Timing Belt Tensioner Release Tool

SP Tools’ VW/Audi Timing Belt Tensioner Release Tool, No. 67650, came about because shortcomings were discovered in the factory tool. A technician led us to and helped solve the problem.

Features and benefits

The 67650 was designed to compress the hydraulic timing belt tensioner when servicing the water pump. This tool holds the timing belt in place against the cam gear. There will be no need to reset the timing as the engine is held at TDC and the belt will be held stationary when replacing the water pump. Servicing the timing belt is easy, by compressing the tensioner. This tool makes both water pump replacement and timing belt replacement more efficient.


This tool easily compresses the timing belt tensioner in confined areas, comes complete in a display package with instructions, and works on:

  • 1.8L turbo 1996-2006 models.
  • VW Golf, Jetta and new Beetle.
  • Audi TT and A4.

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