In Focus: Vehicle Inspection Software

Automotive Solutions’ Vehicle Inspection Software allows a variety of vehicle inspections to be performed by the repair facility. It presents inspections in a clear, concise and professional manner. All inspection reports are branded with the repair facilities logo and information and includes customized inspection question, personalized service coupons, tire recommendation based on tires the dealer carries, local dealer locator, and generic service reminders.

Features and benefits

Components of the ASI Inspection System include a PDA for data capture, a PC that has Internet access and an active email address. All reports are done via a PDA for data capture. Information is then sent to ASI and a report is returned via an email with a PDF attachment that can also be sent automatically to the customer.

Selling Points

For every inspection question that is answered in a vehicle inspection, it equates to a sales opportunity to their customer. With the personalized service coupons, they are helping bring that customer back into the shop for future service and repairs. If the repair facility chooses to offer a Pre-Purchase Inspection they can help drive the 13 million private party vehicle sales into their shop. Presenting the inspection findings in a professional manner means a better image for the shop. All of which means more business.

For more information

Automotive Solutions is looking for distributors for the Vehicle Inspection Software. Contact:

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