Big-time Boxes: Carlos Guzman


Carlos Guzman

Caliber Collision Center

San Antonio, Texas

Bodyman Carlos Guzman was looking to replace his toolbox setup with something than had more space. As a regular customer of Cornwell Tools dealer Herman Olds, the choice became simple. Carlos went with an 84" rolling cabinet and added two side lockers and a custom canopy.

There seems to be enough room for his tools now, as Carlos has added a mini-fridge, microwave and TV/DVD combo to his storage setup.

Even before the toolbox sale, Herman said that Carlos was one of his best customers at one of his busiest shops. The TV/DVD player combo that Carlos added has Herman thinking he might start doing his own TV add-ons fro toolbox customers...

Carlos has been in the business nearly 20 years.

"I started from the bottom, washing cars and waxing. I was a buffer and a detail man." He took a shine to the work, and gradually recieved increased responsibilities with some added bodywork and welding. 

"I like remaking a car," Carlos said. He pointed to one repaired car that he worked on. "From the windsheild forward, it was nothing," he said.

"My favorite thing is just making everything go back together."