In Focus: Ullman Inspection Mirror

Ullman's new HTK-2LT Inspection Mirror features three rotating LEDs that adjust to needed angle for inspection in tight, dark areas. The 3-1/2" x 2-1/4" lighted mirror head is on an all-angle ball joint to hold mirror head firmly at any angle. The stainless-steel handle telescopes from 6-3/4" to 30" for fast accurate inspection. Heavy-duty cushion grip will not slip in wet or oily hands.


In 2009/2008, Ullman invented the first lighted inspection mirror with the light on top of the mirror to illuminate inspection. We received many requests from techs to manufacture a lighted inspection mirror with a light that angled down. That’s when we came up with the concept for the three rotating lights that allow the tech to rotate the lights to the needed angle for inspection in tight dark areas.


  • Sturdy plastic lighted head with three rotating LEDs.
  • Stainless steel handle that is strong and lightweight.
  • All-angle ball joint for 360-degree viewing.
  • Heavy-duty grip.
  • Comes with two lithium batteries.

Selling points

The Ullman HTK-2LT allows techs to use one hand to illuminate and identify a problem, while using the other hand to work with a tool, which quickens repair time.

Suggested retail price