Shop Talk

This issue includes eight pages of return on investment information for you regarding hand and power tools, diagnostics and more. When times are tight, as they have been recently, it's important to closely scrutinize all purchases, from your preferred parts jobber and tool distributor to office supplies and Internet provider.

Though the special section in this issue is more direct about ROI, every issue of PTEN is dedicated to helping you evaluate ROI. The new product listings are intended to help you learn about new tools and judge any time or efficiency savings from them vs. your current tools. 

Tool reviews should be a big help too. The reviews in each issue are from real ASE-certified and experienced techs and shop owners who spend real time in evaluating each tool. You should use their opinions on how the tools worked in their shops to get a clear idea of what will help in your shop. This issue, we have reviews on Matco Tools' eighty8 ratchets and the VOscope inspection camera.

If you haven't been reading with your money in mind in the past, settle in with this issue and really think about each product and how it might save time or make more money in your hands.