Tool review: VO Scope Inspection scope

VOscope's video-based inspection scope, No. VS36-8WA, features a two-way steerable tip with 180 degrees of movement and high-resolution autofocus color camera.

  • 2.5" full-color viewing monitor
  • 7.8mm shaft diameter
  • Fluidproof, flexible shaft
  • High-output LED with intensity control
  • Storage case
  • 1-year warranty

The review

Brothers Dan and Tom Karagianis, PTEN review panelists and owners of Tarkus Complete Automotive Services in Milwaukee, found the VOscope to be a beneficial tool to have in the shop.

"The light sensitivity is good and the picture is sharp," Dan said. "I used it on a Ford yesterday, actually, to look in through a spark plug hole and the camera works real well."

He said the mirror is essential to the kit for adding "peripheral vision" to the camera, so as your snaking down into a cavity, you can better inspect sidewalls and threads.

Even without the mirror, "you can go down a cylinder and look all around to see if the piston is broken and look at the back of the intake valves and the exhaust valves," he said. "It can help you look at a lot without the time of removing parts that are in the way."