Tool review: Matco Tools eighty8 ratchet

Matco Tools' eighty8 ratchets have 88 teeth providing the smallest swing-arc in a family of ratchets, in all three primary drive sizes. Other space-saving features include the ultra-low-profile head, Tear-Drop head design and recessed shift level. Available with swollen chrome grips or ergonomic dual-material handles. The ergonomic handles provide technicians with the advantage of maximizing torque application through gripping power.

The review

The owner and techs at Gesell's Automotive in Oconomowoc, Wis., had positive reviews of the eighty8 ratchet.

The techs found a lot of uses for the ratchet, specifically saying its low-profile head made it easy to work with in most situations.

Owner Jim Gesell said that all the techs have used the eighty8 ratchet, and that "they've picked it up a lot, especially to get in tight spaces," because of the low swing arc. He also liked the flex-head for its steady hold. "It does not have a sloppy feel like some do," he said. It stays in place, even without locking it.

The comfort grip on the wrench makes it comfortable to hold and use, and especially to exert pressure on stubborn fasteners, he said.