In Focus: Christie battery chargers

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The Christie wheel charger offering is designed to deliver maximum performance, advanced technology, extremely fast service times and superior durability for repair facilities, dealerships and fleet operations.

  • Christie's Standard Duty Fast Charger, model QWC, is designed to service 6V and 12V systems that utilize conventional batteries. It features a 70 amp fast charge rate and 250 amps of engine-starting assistance.
  • Christie's Fleet Duty Fast Charger, model FDC, is designed to service 6V, 12V and 24V systems that utilize conventional batteries. It features a 70 amp fast charge rate and 300 amps of engine-starting assistance.
  • Christie's Multi-Tech Fast Charger, model QMT, is designed to service 12V systems that utilize conventional, AGM, gel cell and spiral wound batteries. It features a 70 amp fast charge rate and Christie Multi-Tech versatility, with the ability to properly charge a wide variety of battery chemistries. 



Christie wheel chargers were developed to increase speed in the service bay in a way that improved safety for both the operator and the vehicle being serviced. In addition, Christie Model QMT was specifically designed to address the growing popularity of alternative battery chemistries, and the need for busy operations to properly and efficiently charge these new battery styles. Distributors now can offer customers a battery charger that enables quick vehicle service and turnaround and provides unique safety features that make charging and boosting safer. All models feature Voltage Spike Protection and Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection, and warranty periods up to 10 years on the transformer and rectifier (Model FDC).


All models are made in the USA, featuring Christie-Tough construction, utilizing transformers built with all copper magnet wire and high-grade silicon steel, 200-amp rated industrial grade rectifier diodes and a galvanized cabinets with powdercoat finish.

Selling points

  • Christie fast chargers deliver exceptional charging speed and advanced technology, with high maximum charge rates and engine starting assistance capacities.
  • Christie Model QMT is designed to properly charge both conventional flooded batteries as well as alternative battery chemistries.
  • All models shown are CSA-approved for All Weather use, while the QMT and FDC are also UL-listed for All Weather use.
  • All Christie service bay fast charging systems feature exclusive safety features that make battery charging safer for both the operator and the vehicle being serviced, including exclusive Voltage Spike Protection and Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Christie fast chargers feature Christie-Tough construction and industry-leading warranty periods (up to 10 years in the case of Christie Model FDC).

Suggested retail price

Varies by model.

For more information

Jim O’Hara

Clore Automotive