In Focus: OK Spark spark plug sensor

The OK Spark Spark Plug Sensor, No. 10072, uses Plasma Energy Event Recognition technology to check for the presence of an electrical arc in the spark plug. The sensor features an industrial-grade design with overmold grips and can work in any engine that uses a spark plug, including most coil-over-plug ignition systems.

Features and benefits

Instantly check and diagnose if your spark plug is firing without having to remove the plug. The spark plug sensor is the only tool that measures spark and voltage instantly and accurately.

Selling points

It is an easy sale to any mechanic looking to be able to do a quality diagnostic exam on a vehicle, running or not. The PEER technology allows the user to safely diagnose engine misfires without exposure to high voltage. Quickly and accurately diagnoses true spark, saving time and money. It is easy to store (it is about the size of a cellphone). The display is easily read with green or red light display in detecting spark and voltage.

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Sandy Allen, North American Sales Manager