Driving Sales: Diagnostic scan tools

This issue, we're looking at what technicians look for when buying diagnostic scan tools and software. These pages include quotes from technicians about their research and purchases, and a selection of products.

"OE level of coverage is priority one in my evaluations, followed by ease of updates and online tech support."

"PC-based systems seem like the way to go now. A standardized platform with the ability to use OE direct information would be ideal."

"I like the scan/scope models best. Being able to jump back and forth is very handy."

"I like scan tools that have Technical Service Bulletin listings; I find you can chase a lot of time looking for a fault when it may be a factory-installed problem. Sixty percent of cars never return to the dealer for TSB repairs and it is up to the independent tech to find these."

"Ease of use and the cost of update support were more important to me than overall price."