It's about time

Welcome to the time-management issue of Professional Distributor. Honestly, I didn't do this intentionally, but themes of scheduling and taking time away have woven themselves throughout the pages.

Unless you have access to Doc Brown's DeLorean or Doctor Who's TARDIS, I'm going to guess you struggle with managing your time more often than not. Instead of being able to do a day over again, you need to make sure you learn from timing mistakes and get it right, or righter, tomorrow and next week and next month.

Take some time (I know, I know) and figure out where your biggest time issues pop up. Then try to brainstorm a few work-arounds to remedy them. If you need a jolt on what need help, condsider:

Our profile distributor, Dave Musil, cautions that the route will eat you up if you let it (p. 8). But in Sales & Marketing 101, columnist Phil Sasso gives plenty of advice on how taking some time off can help your bottom line (p. 28). Regular columnist Joe Poulin shows you how to "Put your bad debt on a schedule." (p. 34.)

All in all, there's plenty of advice this month to improve yoru schedule, personally and professionally. Take advantage.