In Focus: AutoEnginuity ProLine ScanTool

AutoEnginuity's ScanTool features PC-based diagnostics tool for 43 car makers. Coverage includes model years 1996-2009 for chassis, body, transmission, and engine controllers. The version 8.2 update for Windows finalizes the enhanced Ford, Mazda, and Toyota support with the ProLine hardware. Key features include Saturn KWP controller support, more Mazda CAN bi-directional support, Ford 6.4L diesel bi-directional support, Toyota Prius HV ECU Information Data # reporting, improved Mercedes diesel connectivity, more Chrysler system tests and improved trouble code libraries for Audi/VW, BMW DMEs, Honda SRS, and Mercedes diesel controllers.



With the ubiquitous nature of the personal computers and the technology that it can leverage, we felt moving vehicle diagnostics to this platform would create the perfect diagnostics platform. This product gives the end-user the ability to perform vehicle diagnostics in color with larger displays, and using faster processors to make even the most advanced hand-held feel like a calculator. Our products are manufactured in the USA.


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    All our products are built on a module platform allowing the customer to purchase coverage as they need it. This allows the reseller to expand an existing customers coverage with software only updates.


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