In Focus: Sunex Tools 1/2"-drive 12-point driveline socket sets

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Sunex Tools 1/2"-drive 12-point driveline sockets sets, Nos. 2695 and 2696, are for limited-clearance applications to remove/install driveline bolts, torque converters, cylinder heads and 4x4 transmission casings. Applications include Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC and Jeep models.

Features and benefits

No. 2695, nine-piece metric set includes:

  • 8mm: ¬†Jeep Cherokee Drive Shafts, Ford Super Duty Truck drivelines
  • 10mm: Pontiac Drive Shafts and Torque Converter removal /install
  • 11mm: Chevrolet Applications
  • 12mm: Ford Mustang, Taurus, Explorer, Fusion, 500, F-150, Bronco drivelines and Mercury equivalents
  • 13mm: For limited clearance applications
  • 14mm: Removal of Torque converters
  • 15mm: Removal of 4x4 units of transmission casings on 4WD drive vehicles
  • 16mm: For limited clearance applications
  • 17mm: Ford F-350 Trucks

No 2696, seven-piece SAE set includes:

  • 5/16": Chrysler/Dodge Exhaust manifolds
  • 3/8": For limited clearance applications
  • 7/16": For limited clearance applications
  • 1/2": Heavy Duty starter applications
  • 9/16": Pre 1980 Ford Drivelines
  • 11/16": For limited clearance applications
  • 3/4": For limited clearance applications

Selling points

Developed from a need for sockets to get into tight, limited clearance areas; technicians were having difficulty accessing fastners and were having to use tools that were either unsafe or cumbersome for the job. The limited clearance sets save the tech valuable time and money. These sockets are the only ones in the marketplace designed for these specific applications and should have demand; the end-user will want these to fix specific applications quickly and efficiently. The product is made in Taiwan of CR-MO steel.

Special attributes

  • Heavy duty blow-molded case
  • Fully guaranteed

Suggested retail price

  • No. 2695, $218.67.
  • No. 2696, $173.02.

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